Anderson Valley is a little out of the way — and we like it that way. We don't have crowds, chain stores, or even a stoplight. What we do have is award-winning wines, fantastic restaurants, charming shops, and a whole lot of natural beauty. Come visit — we think you'll like being a little out of the way, too.



Where is Anderson Valley?

Anderson Valley stretches between Highway 101 and Highway 1 in Mendocino County, connecting the inland area with the Mendocino coast. It's a two hour drive from the north end of the Golden Gate bridge to Boonville, the heart of the valley.

What's the weather like?

Anderson Valley has a Mediterranean climate, with dry, hot summers and wet, cool winters. There are numerous micro-climates, so be sure to pack lots of layers as the temperatures can vary widely in a single day and from location to location.

What is there to do?

The area is known for its wine-tasting and excellent restaurants. You can hike in Hendy Woods and swim in the Navarro River. The calendar is dotted with fairs and festivals, like the Mendocino County Fair, the Pinot Fest, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the Wildflower Show, the Boonville Beer Fest, and the Wool & Fiber Festival. Or just sit back and enjoy the quiet. Remember quiet? We have a lot of that here.

Should I make reservations?

Reservations are a good idea. We are a sparsely populated area, so things you take for granted in towns and cities—24-hour desk service at hotels, restaurants open every night—just aren't the reality up here. In the summer, particularly on weekends, rooms can be booked up far in advance. In the winter, many restaurants close midweek and even for a prolonged winter break. So if you're planning on coming, it's wise to have rooms and meals figured out before you arrive.





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