Know Before You Go

Anderson Valley has its own pace and style. Find out about some of the area's quirks in order to come prepared and make the most of your stay.


Don't count on your GPS

Cell phone service is available in some areas, but varies by provider and can be spotty to non-existent in many places. Print or save a map that you can reference without cell service while you're on your way.

Figure out food

A lot of restaurants close midweek, and even for a prolonged winter break in January and February. Sometimes they close for private parties. So find out ahead of time what's open and how late, and plan accordingly.

Take your time

Highway 128 is worthy of its nickname, 'Dramamine Drive'. For travelers with sensitive stomachs, take the curvy road slowly and enjoy the landscape. There are pullouts where you can sidle over to let faster cars pass. An "easy does it" attitude will get you here in one piece and keep drivers and passengers comfortable.

Slow down

Similar to the driving advice above, once you cross the county line, put your head in vacation mode—don't wait until you "arrive". It's all about the journey! Watch for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly in towns. Food made fresh from scratch takes longer to prepare, but is awfully delicious. The slower pace will give you time with your family, your sweetie, or just your thoughts.





Hwy 101 – Boonville
45 minutes

Boonville – Philo
7 minutes

Philo – Navarro
15 minutes

Boonville – coast
(Hwy 1) 45 minutes

Boonville – Mendocino
1 hour

Hwy 101 – Hwy 1
1.5 hours