4-K Grass Fed Beef

4 Bar K Ranch in Boonville, CA offers premium grass fed beef for sale. This is local grass fed beef, raised in rural Anderson Valley, in Mendocino County, with no shots or hormones—just excellent, lean, grass finished beef. We raise our beef free range, organically, in a humane, safe, and stress free way. This insures your beef is the best quality and safest meat, raised and sold in the right way.

We have replaced our traditional Brangus cross herd with the Murray Grey/Angus cross because of the Murray Grey’s ability to produce quality mild tasting grass fed beef. Murray Greys originated in Australia, they excel in finishing on a diet of grass only, making them very attractive to the emerging US market for grass-fed beef. Murray Grey grass-finished beef is a healthy heart alternative to fish and chicken meat. Plus, these Murray Grey cattle have an inherent ability to efficiently use pasture and to consistently finish Choice on grass.

Our beef is slaughtered locally, then hung, cut and wrapped by a state inspected, professional butcher shop to our specifications. We sell live beef by the quarter, and the cost is between $4.50 to $4.90 per pound of hanging weight, plus 1/4 of cost of slaughtering, hang, cut, wrap, and freeze. This usually amounts to approximately $6.50 to $7.50 per pound of packaged, frozen, premium, local, grass fed beef. The butcher equally divides each side of beef into two quarters containing cuts from the front and the back. A quarter weighs approx. 60-100 lbs. and fits into two "banana boxes." Bones and offal are included at no cost.

The beef we are offering is smaller, which reduces your cost to try some premium beef, and it will be available soon.


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