Tom McFadden Furniture


Tom started out to be a furniture-maker back in 1964, partly because he had always liked making things with his hands and mostly because he could see that he did not want to have a job. He is mostly self-taught, and thinks the best and most interesting thing is that he is still learning. He’s participated in craft shows across America, from sea to shining sea, as it were, and has clients in diverse places—Baltimore, North Carolina, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and lots in California. His work can be seen in galleries across America as well.

A few years ago Tom pulled back from the galleries and the craft shows and hung up a sign on the fence in front of his place in Boonville. The day that a woman from Elk stopped and ordered a table, he thought, “This is going to work."

Open by appointment or look for the OPEN sign on the fence

13750 Highway 128

(707) 895-3606